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XL Elite CraftStation

XL Elite CraftStation

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 The XL Elite CraftStation offers a deeper front drawer.  An extended base to set a yarn bowl, attach a light or yarn winder.

Other Features Include;

Front and rear facing drawers with dividers to adjust compartment size.

Magnets imbedded in the pen/ pencil holder to secure metal sewing needles.

Front facing small scissor holder.

Two open cavities in the rear of the CraftStation to store needles or notions.

Rubber pad in cavity safeguards from damage to tips of knit/crochet needles.

Removable holder inside of rear drawer for holding stitch markers.

The front cavity holds charts, tablets, phones or books up to 3/4 inch thick.

American made food safe, non-marring, rubber feet.

All CraftStations are sealed in durable clear coat.

Hand crafted, Veteran made in the USA. 

Choice between  Maple or Cherry wood.

Ball bearing drawer glides sourced product installed.

Optional Personalized Laser Engraving available.

Note: Price includes CraftStation, Stitch Marker Holder and spacer only! Laser Engraving not included but available.

Due to wood being a natural product the color and grain of wood will vary from pictures.

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 21” Long X 7-1/8” Wide X 8” Tall

Care Instructions

Pick up or carry your CraftStation ONLY from the bottom. Never pick it up using the drawer handles as it can misalign the drawers or break off the drawer handle.

To keep your CraftStation looking nice all that is needed is to wipe it down with a damp rag. Do not use chemical cleaners.For CraftStations that have drawers, applying paste wax every now and then will help them slide in and out better. Do not apply wax to drawers with metal ball bearing drawer glides, they have lubrication.

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