Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return or exchange my CraftStation?

   Yes, for up to 30 days, if for any reason you wish to return it just follow the information found in the “Returns & Exchanges” link at the bottom of the home page.

Can I use my CraftStation outdoors?

Your CraftStation should be considered a piece of fine indoor furniture. As long as it is not subjected to the sun, rain or other harmful elements even inside, it should be fine using it outdoors.

How do I clean my stand?

  To clean your stand simply take a lightly damp rag and wipe off. Never use a chemical cleaner on your stand. Although the sealer applied is very durable, certain chemicals can break down its sealing properties.

What do I do if my drawer sticks when opening or closing?

  Although rare, due to change in humidity your drawers may stick. To keep your front or rear drawer (depending on model) so it always slides in and out smoothly apply a coat of wax on the sides of the front drawer inside the groove occasionally.  Also apply a coat of wax to the hardwood runners that the front drawer groove glides on located inside the drawer opening of the CraftStation. For the rear drawer rub wax on the rear cavity bottom and sides of the CraftStation and on the sides and bottom edge of the drawer. The optional upgraded ball bearing sliders should never need lubrication. However a bit of grease on the glides can help if needed.

How do I take out the spacers in the drawer that has ball bearing glides?

On both sides of the drawer there is a lever. Hold DOWN the lever located on the RIGHT side of the drawer and at the same time lift UP on the lever located on the Left side of the drawer. The drawer will then release from its track allowing you to pull it completely out. Take out or replace slats. To put the drawer back in simply inset the drawer rails into the track. No need to hold the levers when replacing the drawer.

 Can I order a CraftStation stained a specific color?

  At this time ClassStands does not offer that service. However you can special order your CraftStation without sealer on it to accept stain or paint. Special Order without being factory sealed voids the warranty and exchange policy. To Special Order contact us at;

What do I do if I want to cancel, change or add to my order order?

  Contact us immediately at:   If your order has not shipped we will do our best to accommodate you. If it has shipped canceling, changing or adding to an order is not possible without you returning the item, (see return policy).

Why was my order canceled?

Due to fraud filters in place something may have triggered your order as fraudulent. Contact us and we will look into it in order to hopefully resolve the issue.

Can I Special Order my CraftStation in another type of wood?

 Yes. However any wood that is considered endangered or illegal to harvest will NOT even be considered. Special Ordering in another type of wood adds a premium to the listed prices. Depending on the type of wood requested it can add a substantial increase in price of your CraftStation. Exotic woods can cost hundreds of dollars a board foot.

Do you make custom stands?

. Not at this time but maybe in the future.

What if a particular CraftStation is “Sold Out” that I want to order?

 Due to ClassStands being a small veteran owned family business and each CraftStation requires many hours to build, unfortunately some models may not be available from time to time. Depending on what model is “Out of Stock” can have an impact of the time frame when it will be back in stock. We do our best to replenish stock within 2-3 weeks. Check back often to to check inventory. If you send us an email at letting us know of your interest in a certain model, we will do our best to get it back in stock promptly.