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Needle Holder Twister

Needle Holder Twister

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Needle Twister includes 19 hand needles. Needles are held in twister with magnet. Twist the bottom to rotate tube. Base lifts to reveal hand needles and fans them out for easy selection. Yarn darners and sharps are included for a wide variety of stitching needles and threads. Cap secures to tube for storage.

  • Ergonomic storage tube for hand needles with soft grip coating
  • Magnet "holds" hand needles in tube
  • When rotated, needles are fanned out for easy selection
  • Cap secures to twister for storage
  • Included 19 hand needles - Yarn darners (Sz3 - 3 pc & Sz 5 - 4 pc) & Sharps (Sz 5 - 6 pc & Sz 7 - 6 pc)

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